Dominique Di Sante and 95 enthusiastic employees are ready to face all the challenges you have to offer.

In 1984, Dominique Di Sante took over the family business with 2 goals in mind:
- to diversify the company's activities and branch out to other economic sectors, focusing on cutting-edge industries
- to perfect and rationalise the company's organisation, thus making its operation run more smoothly.

   - Respond to expectations in a unique and personal manner, create a trusting relationship with customers and partners and ensure their satisfaction,

   - rise to new challenges, be a driving force for new ideas and projects,

The Managing Director ensures relationship fluidity both within and outside the company.

He is a trusted man and the mainstay of company organisation, as well as an economic and industrial diplomat.

He is the main expert specialised in interpreting and transmitting your requirements to the rest of the company. He is in charge of control methods, manages the continuous improvement system (Good practices) and ensures quality policies are respected within the company. He is THE company reference.

He is in charge of enforcing the following standards:
   - ISO 9001: defines the requirements applied to the organisation of a quality management system.
   - MASE: (Manual for the Improvement of Company Safety) Safety, Health and Environment management systems, whose main objective is continuous improvement.

He is your main contact within the company, and is 100% invested in projects.
Thanks to his perfect knowledge of the company, he schedules projects, establishes the production plan and ensures deadlines and optimum quality are respected, whilst controlling costs.

He shows exemplary responsiveness on a daily basis:
He coordinates production meetings, receives direct information and can manage issues in real time, such as purchasing delays for instance.

He ensures your welding requirements are fully respected. He is also responsible for the preparatory phase prior to the completion of manufacturing parts.

Essential for each new order. Is the project feasible? How can it be implemented in line with the customer's various requirements?

The answer to these questions is provided by our engineering team, who are experts in their fields, have good listening skills and a knack for dialogue which enables them to find THE necessary solution. Team spirit and technical creativity bring them together in the design of innovative concepts that go beyond their traditional boundaries.

He coordinates and manages one or several teams to ensure that production is carried out in line with the output, quality, cost, safety and deadline conditions set out by the production plan. He has a major role in terms of work organisation and contributes to the workshop's profitability, as well as to project monitoring. His expertise and experience help him ensure production quality, as well as measure end-customer satisfaction.

His close relationship with operators and their technical skills give him undeniable legitimacy.
   - Boilerworks,
   - Machining,
   - Assembly and finishing touches,
   - Control stages.

Hard-nosed with our suppliers, flexible with regard to our priorities, our purchasers are true conciliators. They are constantly negotiating to ensure supplier reliability and the best possible value for money.

This department is becoming increasingly important thanks to the significant rise in turnkey projects we have been able to complete.

The welding engineer is responsible for the preparation and qualification of welding operating methods. He ensures all operations are suitably monitored, and defines the welding control methods.

The welding engineer works on non-standard welding projects that require a high level of professional and technical know-how.

He is accountable to the certification bodies and works in close collaboration with the welders awaiting certification. During project implementation, he also checks whether the parameters set out in the specifications are respected.

They are perfectionists and are passionate about their work.

In order to meet high requirement levels and carry out high-quality work, the welders attend regular training courses (€150,000 per year).

They know and appreciate how lucky they are to work with exceptional machinery.

High-capacity machines and cutting-edge technology (precision: a hundredth of a millimetre) for parts that are often unique and always tailor-made.

This is a key stage in the manufacturing process. Each part is precisely controlled, under every possible angle. Our objective: high-quality and extremely precise work.

COFREND II for dye penetration, VTR work and ultrasounds, as well as certifications such as the IWS (diploma delivered by the French Welding Association).

Certifications: Qmos (Procedure qualification record for welding, PQR) and Dmos ((Welding procedure specification, WPS) >


The last phase before product delivery. The painters prepare the metallic surfaces and apply protective or finishing coats. They provide the final touch to the product, providing it with colour, good appearance and protection.

Approved by: ACQPA (Association for Certification and Qualification in Anticorrosion Painting)

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