Your partner to push the limits, Together, Di Sante push back the limits.

Firstly, we push back our own limits, in terms of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit, which has helped us conquer new markets, including foreign ones.
Thanks to you and your motivational projects , we power through and set ourselves new challenges, to which we never fail to rise.

We also push back our technical limitsthose of our employees and those of our machines: we remain extremely flexible regarding the projects we complete and the answers we provide, remain highly professional in terms of technical implementation and highly reactive in terms of deadlines. Our quality checks are increasingly meticulous, in order to satisfy your increasingly demanding requirements.

In addition to this, we push back our financial limits :we continuously invest in new-generation equipment and non-standard machines that allow us to position ourselves on high added value markets in terms of technique and know-how. We provide continuous training for our employees, in order to maintain the high level of knowledge required to ensure project completion. We recruit staff whose new skills will allow us to integrate the expertise required for the proper performance of your orders.

Lastly, we push back the limits of the trust you have in us :our desire to be a reliable partner is conveyed by an attentive and supportive attitude at all times. Our goal is to guarantee that our collaboration pushes back the limits of your satisfaction to the highest possible level. We constantly and permanently question our actions, with a view to improving our service and production quality, thus making our relationships more durable.

This is why we work in key industries: Aeronautics, weaponry, nuclear, etc. Their representatives trust us,

…and so can you!


Even with major projects, utmost discretion is required.
From raw material to the final assembly stages, we fully integrate manufacturing processes. Output, mechanical welding, machining, inspection, processing and assembly : you have access to all manufacturing stages but your order will only leave our workshops when it is ready to be delivered to you within the set deadline.
This guarantees efficiency, reliability and trust.

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